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I Think Therefore I Am

Choosing our thoughts...

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The only thing we actually control is our thinking, so we should choose our thoughts well.

To Live Is To Suffer

In that context, who do you choose to be?

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I posted a comment online that went like this...

The Confusing Times

I'm as confusing as the next guy.

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It all began when I tried to understand my wife's thought processes. Talk about confusing - I was simply mystified. It got worse as I got older.

The Pretend Buddhist

Everyone's a Buddhist, or at least pretending to know what Buddhism is all about.

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My mother: I thought I should be listening to her until I thought otherwise. Was she right? Was she wrong? It doesn't matter. For whatever reason she wasn't getting through to me.

The Inconvenient Times

A mashed up Q&A on a misspent life doing only what's convenient.

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A single-minded unconscious process of always doing exactly what I like because, HEY, what would be the point of doing anything else

The Lazy Times

The impulse to be lazy and fighting it fruitlessly

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I'm not insane, I'm just crazy. It's not easy being lazy, even less so trying to write about it. What's that about?

Is It Really Time?

No sense of urgency. Come to think of it, no sense. Period.

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It's hard to make sense of a lot of nonsense. Let's start with the accusing someone of something. It's a quick way to pick a fight.

Who Dat?

Does he have a choice?

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Ah, yes, choices...